Looking forward with great artists

The evolution of my music career has brought collaborations with beloved artists through the years as well as new people in the industry that were inspired by it. They wanted to add my own general “perspective” to the completion of their own musical vision.

Sofia Arvaniti

What can I say for Sofia Arvaniti…

A dynamic artist that continues to love the audience and craft. Our collaboration officially started in 2018, when I wrote the music and our combined lyrics to a studio production of their CD album “Alavarntachala”. 

Our most recent collaboration happened in August of 2022, when I remixed the song “Panselinos” for her, originally performed by Charis Alexiou. 

An untamed heart.

(Marina Adamopoulou Makri)

Marina is a legendary singer and idol of Greek pop in the 70s. She has performed songs from big composers from both Greece and abroad. 

Famous for her Greek cinema movies and her collaborations with various big names of the Greek music industry, along her qualitative performances. 

It was my honour to have our artistic paths cross with the song “To skiniko (Stigmes)” that was published in summer 2021.

Krinio Nikolaou

Creator and performer, one of the strongest and most important gifures of the music space, Krinio Nikolaou has had numerous important collaborations. Our paths crossed when I directed the studio production for the remake of her already successful song “Koitas me apla” as well as “Dyo triantafylla”.

Giannis Mpekas

Giannis Mpekas is an artist with an exceptionally long career in music. 

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Greek industry.

His new beginning as a composer, lyricist and performer has made our paths to cross. In a unique way, he connects what seems to be a youthful newer Greek music with deeper internal lyrics.

He has published three singles, with the first one being our collaboration with the song “Prosmoni”.

Giorgos Paschos

Giorgos Paschos is a young artist with a unique sensitivity in the way he understands and expresses himself through music. 

His first publication, “Maska” (“The mask”), brought a strong start during a difficult period in the world, as he started off his musical journey during the pandemic and lockdowns. 

The majority of the time, he writes his own lyrics and music for this songs. Some of his lyrics have been sang by Dimitris Mpasis in the music of Giorgos Chatzis. He has also published three songs, out of which one of them was composed with my music in his lyrics.


Marzia is a singer that inspires strength and the desire for life through her performances. From positive messages to very personal ones, she undoubtedly has her own wonderful way that captures the audience.

Music was always her dream until she decided to give it a chance. Her first single “Aerostato” (“Air ballon”) was written in my own lyrics and music. It was published in May 2021 from Kathreftis/SUS4 along with another three singles that she has published until now in my music and lyrics.


Karmica consists of Sakis Bilalis, Polly Polena and Thanasis Polena.

A relatively new musical group with a contemporary indie pop rock music style, but also a romantic nostalgia for Greek music of earlier decades.

We met in 2019 and one year later started collaborating.

The way they influenced our collaboration resulted in a really special outcome, as we started by writing songs, lyrics and music for their upcoming CD album.

Our first release was “Fotia sti Fotia” with lyrics written by Sofia Arvanitis and “All Well”  (“Ola kala”) a little later, with the participation of Yannis Zouganelis in the performance.

Zanneta Kaloskami

If you go away
(Shirley Bassey Cover)

Zanneta Kaloskami is an artist with an intense musical activity.

A soprano, piano, singer and voice teacher and a multi-awarded for her contribution to culture, Zanneta has a unique and profound perspective on singing.

We collaborated on the arrangement I did for her of the unforgettable song first performed by Shirley Bassey. Nikos Koulouris played the saxophone in this cover, while Leonidas Ioannidis played the trumpet.

Vasilis Kyparissidis

An inspiring artist and creator, Vassilis Kyparissidis looks at the world around us from the “other” side of the musical shore. He looks at it with sharp lyrics, deeply emotional and with an alternative indie rock music aura.

He was introduced to the official digital discography space with his song “Like a clown” (“San clooun”) in 2020.

A tireless songwriter, a true worker of bright inspirations in music and beyond, but also a great collaborator, as his path led him to me when he wanted to create his songs in the studio.

Giannis Liolios

“Na odigas” (“Drive”) | 2014

A simple coincidence in names happened with the excellent singer-songwriter Yannis Liolios.

Having known each other for years, in 2014 we created the digital album  with the general title “Na odigas” (“Drive”), where I did the studio production of the album. We created ten of his compositions in a beautiful but special musical atmosphere of lyrics and sounds and I participated in the song “Anemos” (“Wind”).

Konstantinos Nichoritis

An excellent musician and creator, Konstantinos Nichoritis has a long presence in the music industry, with his own special rock style. Our musical paths crossed when I recorded, mixed and mastered his recent release entitled “You came and went” (“Irthes kai efiges”).