Dimitris Liolios


Some performances remain in time.

Among a plethora of live shows, some were performances that stayed in time.

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"Sad Days"

A musical performance from 2013.

Following happiness
even when nothing reminds us of it.

Smiling in panic… even when the question “How will you cope?” seeks an answer within us through things we don’t really know are true, we become moments, words and scattered phrases in the mirror of our lives, trying to explain to ourselves the silence of all those we loved during “Sad Days”…

Dimitris Liolios: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Rigas Vorgias: Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
Alexandros Gkinalas: Drums, Loops

Lighting: Thodoris Laliotis
Lights: Kostas Angelou – NO DARK

Dimitris Liolios - Anemodeiktes

"Every day was a walk in the winds"

Spring 2016

“The Windmeters” is a concert theater performance that belonged to the Anna Maria Kalouta theater in N. Kοσμος. It is a theatrical play, a rock concert, and a dance theater group performing almost simultaneously on stage.

The texts were written by Stelios Katsaris based on the basic story I had initially written, which was also the idea for this performance.

Stelios Katsaris, a charismatic artist with a deep spirit, as well as a gifted actor in the role of my Alter Ego, also played a leading role in my first time as an actor outside of the musical role.

“What brought us here and where are we going? Memories, promises, dreams, small losses, big returns… in a journey towards awareness, following the “Wind Vanes” of the soul…”

You can watch the entire play “ANEMODEIKTES” here.

Participants: Sofia Vossou, Laurentis Machairitsas, Panos Mouzourakis
Screenplay: Stelios Katsaris, Dimitris Liolios
Direction: Stelios Katsaris
Choreographies: Εirini Karapoulou

Musicians participating:
Drums: Vangelis Korakas
Bass: Haris Boutselakis
Electric Guitar: Spyros Tzelis
Keyboards: Giorgos Tsioutsias
Saxophone: Spyros Kolaitis
Dionysis Kokolis
Trombone: Angelos Tzamarias
Vocals/Singers: Anna Saranti, Anna Lampraki, Panagiota Birmpakou
Dancers: Ioanna Eleni, Lena Kastelioti, Nektaria Sakellari, Efthymis Filindras, Vasia Christopoulou
Costumes of dancers: Zaza Valvi
Sound coverage of the play POLYPHONIKI
Sound engineers: Petros Petroopoulos, Paschalis Kolentsis
Studio mix & master: Andreas Leonidis, Dimitris Liolios
Cameras: Giorgos Evaggelopoulos, Vasilis Kolokythas, Vangelis Tzifakis
Photos: Evangellia Lazou, Thodoris Laliotis (Flash n’ Motion)
Production management: Tommy D’ Acquisto
Production: Stathmarcheion

“La Vita é Trella”

The Hunter of the Absurd - 2018

Sometimes you need to take things simply, positively, and from their humorous side.

Unexpected remixes, selected songs from Dimitris Liolios’ discography, strong beats, melodic blues, funk and ballads with Greek and foreign songs beyond music labels and currents under original orchestrations.

Unexpected sketches, quick punchlines, a 9-member orchestra TAHAME ALATAHALASAME, Zanneta Kaloskami and Marzia on vocals, as well as two “strong” guests like Giorgos Chatzis (Agamoi Thytai) and Michalis Paouris who need no further introduction, all together created this unique music – and not only – atmosphere.

La Vita é Trella – In a time when the illogical had already become our everyday life!

Anemodiktis Dance Project - Irini Karrapoulou - Dimitris Liolios

Performance "Ego" - 2019

Each art has its decoding codes of the world we live in, each approaching it through its unique way of expression.

Dance and music are inherently interconnected elements.

In 2012, I started writing music for contemporary dance. It was a recognition on my part, as this effort always stemmed from my need to express myself through instrumental music.

My collaboration with Irene Karrapoulou started through her school’s performances, where I wrote musical themes. It eventually took its final form in 2019, when with her dance group “Anemodiktes” she staged the dance performance titled “Egο” at the Vebo Theater, for which I wrote the musical themes of the work.

"Love yourself a little bit"

7 musicians, 5 performers, and 2 actors fall in love with the life you love to hate.

A performance full of songs and comic sketches inspired by everyday life.

An Italian manager is searching for members to form a band that will conquer the world.

However, beyond any conquest, it is important for everyone to love themselves first…

Comic scenes, songs from various music genres, in a bar-concert-theater atmosphere that is highly interactive with the audience.

Along with Dimitris Liolios, Aphrodite Voultsou and Tommy D’Acquisto participate in the theatrical sketches.

Singing: Zanneta Kaloskami, Panagiota Birmpakou, Anna Saranti, Giorgos Pachos

Scripts: Dinos Spyropoulos, Marinos Kounadis, Dimitris Liolios.

The musicians participating are:
Marios Nikolakis, Stelios Pavlou, Manolis Chatziarsenis
Bass: Vasilis Plagianos, Giorgos Michalis
Guitars: Panagiotis Kirtselis, Andreas Papadatos
Piano/Keyboards: Andreas Prionas
Trumpet: Michalis (Mike) Chasouris, Leonidas Ioannidis
Saxophone: Nikos Koulouris
Trombone: Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, Kyriakos Kaiktsis