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New release “In a manner of speaking”
Official Cover Release

The ’80s were a transitional decade on many levels, looking at the present, and music couldn’t be an exception to this transitional stage. Dimitris Liolios seems to know this well, as one can hear from his discography how he “marries” the old “way” in music with modern sound.

His new release has all the characteristics of a beautiful surprise, as this time it is not a new song as one might expect, but a cover of an old song from that decade. “In a Manner of Speaking” by Tuxedomoon, a composition by Winston Tong, first released back in 1985.

The most recent cover of this song was in 2012 by Nouvelle Vague, where it was a great success worldwide.

Dimitris departs completely from the previous approaches to the song, giving it a “contemporary” alternative sound and of course, his personal unique musical stamp – aesthetics.
It is available on all streaming music platforms through Inside Out.

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