Dimitris Liolios

To Skotadi Kegete

"To skotadi kegete"

(The darkness is burning)

The story

In 1998, there were major changes for me as it marked the release of my first album.
Manos Xydous used to come often to the club where I played and sang around 1995. One night during my break, we met again at the bar of the venue and exchanged the usual greetings. He then said to me, “Mitsara, come tomorrow to Minos so we can make a record over there.” And so, we started recording in the studio until we settled on the material and sound we wanted.
After two and a half years, in February 1998, “To Skotadi kegete” was released with twelve songs. Six of them had lyrics and music written by me, while «Η αλανιάρα» was a collaboration with Lena Gavriilidou, a cover of «Άσε πρώτα να ξεχάσω» (Let Me Forget First) with music by Apostolos Kaldaras and lyrics by Giorgos Samoladas, «Για μια γυναίκα τη ζωή μου δεν χαλάω»  (I Won’t Waste My Life On A Woman) with music and lyrics by Polyxeni Efstathiou, «Μη με λυπάσαι» (Don’t Pity Me) with music by me and lyrics by Manos Xydous, and «Τέσσερα τζαι τέσσερα» (Four and Four) which is a traditional song from Cyprus. «Για μένα μη μιλάς» (Don’t Talk About Me) was loved by radio stations and a video clip was made. Some critics were alienated by this work, but most of them gave it very good reviews and, most importantly, it stood the test of time thanks to the love of the audience.

Album Tracklist

  1. Για μένα μη μιλάς Dimitris Liolios 5:20
  2. Η αλανιάρα Dimitris Liolios 3:33
  3. Άσε πρώτα να ξεχάσω Dimitris Liolios 3:28
  4. Αέρας Dimitris Liolios 5:11
  5. Για μια γυναίκα τη ζωή μου δεν χαλάω Dimitris Liolios 3:43
  6. Χάρτινο πλοίο Dimitris Liolios 3:28
  7. Μη με λυπάσαι Dimitris Liolios 3:29
  8. Τέσσερα τζαι τέσσερα (Παραδοσιακό Κύπρου) Dimitris Liolios 5:21
  9. Πέφτει ο ήλιος στη Σαλονίκη Dimitris Liolios 3:34
  10. Το σκοτάδι καίγεται Dimitris Liolios 5:17
  11. Στερνό χάδι Dimitris Liolios 4:33
  12. Το άδειο σπίτι Dimitris Liolios 4:36
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