Dimitris Liolios

What really is love?

"What really is love?"

The story

You could say it’s been nine years and a long period of time during which I wasn’t really active in terms of my discography.
It was a great musical self-discovery journey for me, which brought me closer to artists and musicians from abroad and beyond.
This self-discovery “locked” in my participation in Microsoft’s program entitled “Sponsored Songs” with the song “Stormy Eyes” with lyrics by Jan Caroll and music by me.
As part of the advertising promotion of Windows 7, Microsoft chose independent artists from all over the world, as well as from Greece, gathered in a large digital collection that was available to the public for download.

Album Tracklist

  1. Εισαγωγή - Τι είναι η αγάπη τελικά; 2:10
  2. Ακόμα εδώ Dimitris Liolios 4:31
  3. Αγάπησε και λίγο εσένα Dimitris Liolios 4:07
  4. Δεν είμαι απ'τα παιδιά εκείνα Dimitris Liolios 5:01
  5. Η ζωή είναι παντού... Dimitris Liolios 3:39
  6. Το μαγαζί Dimitris Liolios 3:01
  7. Δεσμοί επίδεσμοι Dimitris Liolios 3:57
  8. Συγνώμη Dimitris Liolios 3:55
  9. Αέρας και φωτιά Dimitris Liolios 3:59
  10. Η σιωπή Dimitris Liolios 4:23
  11. Σκόρπιες λέξεις Dimitris Liolios 4:00
  12. Κάνε με οτι θες Dimitris Liolios 3:10
  13. Έγινες λόγια Dimitris Liolios 4:40
  14. Έλα να με βρεις Dimitris Liolios 4:09
  15. Κανείς δε νοιάζεται Dimitris Liolios 3:59
  16. Σου έκρυψα Dimitris Liolios 4:16
  17. Πάρε με μαζί Dimitris Liolios 4:21
  18. Επίλογος - Τι είναι η αγάπη τελικά; Dimitris Liolios 5:55

Somewhere around there, I meet again with the wonderful Giannis Zouganelis.

who was listening to a CD of mine that I had given him at some point, containing a new set of my songs. Truth be told, I didn’t even know if I would ever release these songs… Yiannis loved them, and so he almost immediately released them from his record company “Avlos”. Thus, in the spring of 2009, the CD album “What really is love?” was released.

Two of the songs from this work, “Desmoi Epidessmoi” we performed as a duet with Yiannis and “Sou Ekrupsa”  we performed together with Nikos Tzoumas.

There are 18 songs in total, all with my own lyrics and music.

The song “Agapise Kai Ligo Esena” from this work was beloved by many people and radio stations.
A new chapter was beginning for me!

Spread the Love!

Dimitris Liolios’ participation in Microsoft’s program titled “Sponsored Songs” with the song “Stormy Eyes” featuring lyrics by Jan Caroll and music by Dimitris Liolios.

Acoustic version recorded live from Panos Hrisostomou’s show “Rock Synanastrophes” on the Second Program of ERT.