Dimitris Liolios

Ta logia tis psichis...

"Ta logia tis psichis...​"

The story

A music release that came out during the “turning point” of the music industry and audience, from the traditional CD format to digital releases.

Of course, what matters is the music, the songs, and mainly their journey. What they find along the way and the chemistry of these “encounters” creates colors of emotions that continue to renew the “appointment” of life for a better world.

With Moses Aser, who owns the company “Kathreftis” we had already known each other over the years. This time, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had collected Greek and English songs that I had written during that period and wanted them to coexist in a unified music release.

Moses found the idea very interesting, and so we released it digitally, called “The Words of the Soul”. We had planned to release it on a physical CD as well, but the technological evolution of the internet showed us that it would remain in the digital realm only.

At that time, “Whatever I Loved” stood out on the radios.

Album Tracklist

  1. Τα λόγια της ψυχής Dimitris Liolios 5:11
  2. Rain Dimitris Liolios 4:26
  3. Του παραδείσου μου η πλάνη Dimitris Liolios 4:05
  4. Πως θα αντέξεις; Dimitris Liolios 4:26
  5. Internal Illusion Dimitris Liolios 4:08
  6. Put ya guns down Dimitris Liolios 7:57
  7. Νύχτα σιγής Dimitris Liolios 3:37
  8. Χαμογελάω στον πανικό Dimitris Liolios 5:27
  9. Τι είναι αληθινό; Dimitris Liolios 3:45
  10. Ότι αγάπησα Dimitris Liolios 5:55
  11. Μη με λυπάσαι Dimitris Liolios 5:11
  12. Humble heart Dimitris Liolios 3:54
  13. Ξωτικό Dimitris Liolios 5:36
  14. Gotta get to you Dimitris Liolios 5:25

"Whatever I Loved" live from the concert theater performance "Anemodiktis" in 2016.

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