Dimitris Liolios

Mia thalasa pou agriepse

"Mia thalasa pou agriepse..."

The story

Two years later, I completed a new cycle of songs that were released under the title “Mia thalasa pou agriepse” (“A sea that went wild”).

I met Nikos Doulamis in 1999 in a recording studio in Nea Heraklion. At that time, I was still writing my new songs and had them in demo form.
When we talked about Nikos, he asked to listen to what I was preparing. After a few days, he called me to say that he was excited about my music “vision” and that he wanted to release it with his own company at the time, Central Music.
And so it happened! We went into the studio and started recording thirteen songs, all with my lyrics and music, except for “Sto psomi mou voutiro” (“Butter on my bread”) which is a duet with Giannis Giokarinis, with lyrics and music by Dimitris Goulousis.

The song that stood out on the radio was the eponymous “Mia thalasa pou agriepse” (“A sea that went wild”), “Egines Logia” (“You became words”) and especially “Aeras kai Fotia” (“Air and Fire”).

Finally, the journey continued!

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