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Perhaps another look at everyday life
that has convinced us it has disappointed us.

Perhaps most of us have the concept of ‘touch’ in our minds as a gentle and affectionate sensation. From a different perspective, a touch could be what wakes you up, reminds you, and ultimately pushes you to start everything from scratch again when you have convinced yourself – for whatever reason – that everything may have ended.

Dimitris Liolios has entered the studio again, played all the instruments, sang with Anna Alexandridou on backing vocals, and at the end mixed the recording, completing the production with his known indie/alternative/pop rock sound. He returns with a new song for which he wrote both lyrics and music.

“The Touch” passes through the darkness of our everyday life…
“until our silences are broken once and for all,”
redefining the meaning of a perhaps common dream for the long-awaited “truth.”
“…and maybe you’ll see a new miracle,
maybe you’ll find out what the real wound is…”
singing about life through the ultimate love for it…
“…Life is breathing,
air that May brings,
it dances even though it has been betrayed,
you feel its step taking you forward…”

As he says himself,
“I dedicate it to every person who fights their own battle for balance at every level. With the wish that every inner struggle ends in a smile full of life in the mirror.”

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