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Dimitris Liolios is the “Grownup Prince”
of Georgia Drakaki.”

The fairytale of The Little Prince continues to influence and involve both young and old, throughout generations. But what happens when The Little Prince grows up? Where does he live, what does he think, has he finally found love?

Dimitris Liolios dynamically interprets the lyrics of Georgia Drakaki, marrying them with his characteristic music. “The Great Prince” is a dynamic pop-rock ballad that tells the story of a man who, against all odds, remains romantic and dares to question himself, in the manner of the truly brave.

Because in the end, none of us is entirely good or bad. In the film of our lives, we are called upon to respond to the difficulties of the times that have given birth to us. Or, ultimately, to go against them completely.

Listen to the song that is available on all digital platforms by Kathreftis/SUS4. The artwork of this new release is by Elena Vasilaki.

The Lyrics

In an empty palace wanders The prince who escaped from history He searches to find love Without a crown in his hair

His horse is called Agony Again invites him to battle His beautiful, fragile idol and himself And his uniform has aged If it had a mouth, it would sing too His mournful panic

His opponent is himself In a crazy showdown of life and death The prince is neither small Nor good, nor bad A product of a terrible era

His heart is transparent Like the sword that broke and sprouted in the soil A flower born from his blood If only that could be his cure A sacrifice for love still.

Ο Μεγάλος Πρίγκιπας - Cover
Marilena Vainanidou – Dimitris Liolios
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